Wednesday, December 4, 2013

With Time Comes Change: New Video Board Installed

Van Andel Arena turned 17 years old this year, and with age comes change and the need for upgrades. If you haven’t made it to a Grand Rapids Griffins game at the SMG-managed arena yet this fall, you’ll notice something new the next time you visit. In early October, installation of a brand new video board began at the south end of the arena in order to enhance the experience of fans and guests.

The new widescreen video board is approximately 698 square feet (15.6’ x 44.72’) and displays advanced viewing angles with 3-in-1 LED pixels for a high quality picture regardless of where you are in the arena. It is capable of displaying both high definition and standard definition video that can be divided across the screen, allowing for multiple frames to be displayed simultaneously. The Daktronics screen is an upgrade from the previous video system that was much smaller and could only display standard definition video.

From video replays to advertisements and informational video clips, the new screen’s size, versatility and crystal clear picture quality will demand the attention of everyone in the audience, including those at the far end of the arena. Fans who attended the Grand Rapids Griffins’ home-opener this season were able to catch the first glimpse of the board as it was debuted during the game on October 18th, the same night as the Griffins' AHL Calder Cup Championship banner raising ceremony. The screen will be utilized during all home Griffins games and other sporting events at the arena.