Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help GR's own KIDS FOOD BASKET raise $50K to feed children through Pepsi Refresh Project

Friends and fans,
The Kids' Food Basket is a local organization that provides sack suppers to kids across Grand Rapids every day. Currently, KFB is competing for votes with great organizations from across the country for $50,000. Please vote DAILY for all of October! Spread the word to friends and family by forwarding this message on. To give perspective, $50,000 will supply three months of fresh fruits and vegetables to our kids! For more info, go to

VOTE NOW and DAILY....three ways!

1) Text 101423 to 73774

2)Visit here.

3) Become a fan of the Pepsi Refresh Project Facebook Page

We need you to vote EVERYDAY! Email to sign up for daily reminders! If you sign up for the daily reminder and vote all 30 days, we'd like to say thank you with a Kids' Food Basket hoodie and some Pepsi products.

Kids' Food Basket attacks childhood hunger by providing 2,600 nutritious, fresh sack suppers to kids every day. Sack suppers fill a gap schools and parents often can't afford, in a way that's accessible to kids. They are distributed in classrooms to kids who receive breakfast and lunch through Federal programs. All of the school we serve have 80% or more of the student population receiving free or reduced lunches. (We are not federally funded; our revenue comes exclusively from community members, foundations, businesses, and corporations like Pepsi.) Without our meals, kids would only eat half of the 2,000 calories needed to grow.

A sack supper includes a serving each of fresh fruit and fresh vegetable, a sandwich, 100% fruit juice box and healthy snacks. Some of the vegetables our kids like include carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. Fruits our kids eat might include bananas, apples, berries, or pears.

To make this vital need a refreshing reality for hungry kids in West Michigan, we need your vote. You can vote via text message by sending 101423 to 73774 AND online at AND on Facebook through the Pepsi Refresh Application...One vote per method, per day

Thanks for your support, West Michigan!