Monday, October 17, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters to Play World's Largest Game of H.O.R.S.E.

The Harlem Globetrotters, who have continued to surprise and delight fans with their talents and showmanship for more than 85 years, announced that the team is challenging the nation to the "World's Largest Game of H.O.R.S.E." The Globetrotters launched the team's Globetrotter Nation H.O.R.S.E. challenge to a national audience online via Facebook on October 13th.

Fans will be encouraged to submit their best trick shots on a weekly basis to be performed by a Harlem Globetrotter attempting to beat them at their own game. True to game tradition, "letters" and prizes will be awarded weekly, based on fan voting.

Each week, the winning shot will earn a Spalding BEAST portable basketball system for themsleves or to donate to their favorite youth group/non-profit. As presenting sponsor of the event, Spalding has generously provided nine BEAST portable basketball systems to be shipped to the destination of the weekly winner's choosing. Fans who don't submit videos can still win Globetrotter tickets, autographed basketballs, and other merchandise just for voting.

Tickets for shows on the North American portion of the Globetrotters' 2012 World Tour are available now. For complete event and ticket information, visit

Official Globetrotter Nation H.O.R.S.E. Contest Rules:

The Basket:

  • A regulation 10' basketball hoop and regulation size rim (18 inches in diameter)

The Basketball:

  • A regulation size basketball (9 inches in diameter)

The Court:

  • Must be considered an everyday place to play basketball (driveway, street).

  • Automatic disqualification will occur if the court used in the entry is a location that a basketball game would not normally occur (the woods, in a pool, etc...).

The Shot:

  • "The Basketball" must be made into "The Basket" from anywhere on "The Court" or within a 15' perimeter of "The Court".


  • Shot type modifiers - shooting(Hook shot, backwards, granny style) are accepted, but must be called on "The Video" before the shot was made.

  • Shot type modifiers - making(bank/glass, swish/nothing but net, off the wall) are accepted, but must be called on "The Video" before the shot was made.

Automatic Disqualification will occure if a prop is used in any way at any time before the shot, during the shot, or after the shot. Using a wall to redirect the basketball, but it must be a non-movable wall, is allowed.

The Video:

  1. Must be one continuous video and the ball must remain in frame the entire video.

  2. Must be specifically created for this contest.

  3. Must be intended for family audience viewing and contain content that, in the sole and unfettered discretion of Harlem Globetrotters International entry review panel, is consistent with the standards for a G, PG or PG-13 rating as such ratings are determined by the Motion Picture Association of America for feature films.

  4. Must not, in the sole discretion of Harlem Globetrotters International, contain any painful, injurious, deadly, sexually explicit, disparaging, libelous or other inappropriate content or content that favors one religion, any political party over another, or has any nudity; and

  5. Must not, in the sole discretion of Harlem Globetrotters International, contain any commercial content that promotes any product or service.

To enter, please visit the Harlem Globetrotters' Facebook page at