Friday, September 16, 2011

Joe Krajkiewcz and Van Andel Arena Bring Dinosaur to Life for ArtPrize 2011

Van Andel Arena will host the metal sculpture Deinonychus by Grandville artist Joe Krajkiewcz during ArtPrize 2011. Deinonychus is being shown in front of the arena at 130 West Fulton. The installation will run until the end of ArtPrize, October 9th.

Deinonychus (think Velociraptor) is a life-size sculpture of the dinosaur. It is made of recycled auto body panels cut and welded over a steel rebar skeleton. It is Joe's first sculpture reusing auto sheet metal for shape and color. "I hope that it grabs the viewer's imagination with both the subject and construction. My goal was to create a piece that both young and old would be drawn to," states Krajkiewcz.

He works primarily with metal plate, rod, and wire to create representative sculptures. He draws inspiration from the simple and complex forms found in nature, aiming to bring those qualities of life to his metal sculpture.

Joe Krajkiewcz has lived in the Grand Rapids area for seven years. He pursues art and sculpture in addition to his full time employment as an engineer. This is his second year participating in ArtPrize. He also has artwork currently on display at the Sparta AppleJam, Grand Haven Artwalk, Holland MI ARTS Exhibition, and ArtPeers Fall Festival. His sculptures are held in many private local locations. He resides with his wife(Erica) in Grandville, MI.

He can be contacted through email at Additional information on his artwork is available online at